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West Region Program Coordinator
American Lung Association of Colorado

Anne Landman was a registered respiratory therapist for twelve years prior to completing degrees in Environmental Restoration/Waste Management Technology and Communcations.

She has amassed evidence describing how the retail merchandising system of self-serve tobacco displays and "placement fees" illicitly funnel nicotine to youth by enabling shoplifting from these too-accessible displays.
Anne's efforts to bring this arrangement to the media's attention culminated in the CBS Evening News producing an Eye on America segment describing the scheme. The segment, broadcast nationally in April 1999, was taped by advocates across the country and is used at city council meetings, legislative hearings and press conferences to graphically demonstrate the need for a ban on self-service displays of tobacco.

Starting in 1998, Anne began examining and collecting tobacco industry documents posted on the Internet. She is now working to get wider public exposure for this material. She also uses the documents to help with tobacco cessation classes and to assist advocates who are pursuing tobacco control ordinances. Anne has worked for the American Lung Association of Colorado since 1996.


Tobacco Advisory Council: Response to Airline Smoking Ban on British Airways
Tobacco Institute: Aggression and Retribution to Combat Voluntary Clean Indoor Air Policies
Tobacco Institute: Clean Indoor Air Laws Reduce Tobacco Sales
Tobacco Institute: Laws That Restrict Where People Smoke Decrease Overall Smoking Rates
Tobacco Institute: Smoking More Addictive than Using Heroin, Hooking Two-Thirds the People Who Smoke
Tobacco Institute: Local Preemption Strategies to Derail Clean Indoor Air Legislation
Tobacco Institute: Plans to Defeating OSHA Attempts to Establish Standards for Secondhand Smoke
RJ Reynolds: Ways To Reach the Target -- Dakota Cigarettes Brainstorming
RJ Reynolds: Crack Smoking Monkeys Help Test New Cigarette
RJ Reynolds: Camel Cigarette Promotion and Marketing to Children
RJ Reynolds and Camel Cigarettes: Trend Influence Marketing
RJ Reynolds: Image Projection Among Young Smokers -- Perpetuating the Youth Market
RJ Reynolds: Less Educated Smokers -- How RJ Reynolds Characterizes Smokers
RJ Reynolds: Goody Goodies to Burnouts -- How RJ Reynolds Characterizes Smokers
RJ Reynolds: Secret Project Spa -- Attempts To Create a Safer Cigarette
RJ Reynolds: CONFIDENTIAL Product Research Report -- Share of Smokers by Age Group (includes 14-17s)
Philip Morris: We Found Radioactive Polonium-210 and Lead-210 in Our Cigarettes
Philip Morris: Chemistry of Kool Cigarettes -- Why They're Popular With Marijuana Smokers
Philip Morris: Auerbach's Smoking Beagles
Philip Morris Recognizes Carcinogens in Cigarette Smoke -- 1961
Philip Morris: Young Smokers, "The Daddy of Teenage Targeting Market Analysis"
   Attachment A: Description of Data Sources (6 pages plus cover sheet)
   Attachment B: Charts and Tables (17 Charts plus cover sheet)
Philip Morris: Nicotine May Be Responsible for Sudden Death in Cardiovascular Disease
Philip Morris: Top Secret Operation Rainmaker
Philip Morris: Trends in High School Smoking Prevalence
Philip Morris: Efforts to Confound Indoor Air Quality Using Alternative Strategies
Philip Morris and the Ford Motor Company's Cardiovascular Intervention Program
Philip Morris and the Relationship between Nicotine Content and Sales of Cigarettes
Philip Morris: Social-Political Context of Cigarette Sales and Use in the U.S. - 1987
Philip Morris: Addressing the Public Movement to Restrict/Prohibit Smoking in Public Places
Philip Morris: Federal Taxes and Reductions in Youth Smoking
Philip Morris: Cigarettes Are Addictive -- Smokers Act Like Any Drug Addict
Philip Morris: The Relationship of Nicotine Change and Sales Change in the Marlboro
Philip Morris: Manipulating Science About Secondhand (ETS) Smoke On a Global Basis
Philip Morris: Whitecoat Project: Scientists Hired to Manipulate Science On Secondhand (ETS) Smoke
Philip Morris: Dispute Findings of Scientific Papers "Damaging to Our Business"
Philip Morris: "Elevate the Criticism of EPA's Science on the ETS Risk Assessment"
Philip Morris: "Developing an Defensive Health Strategy (1961)"
Philip Morris: Implied Due Diligence in Product Testing
Philip Morris: Concerns About the Super-Lark, Permitting Satisfactory Pulmonary Clearance
Philip Morris: Strategy in 1980 California Smoking/No-Smoking Sections Initiative
Lorillard 1929 Advertisement: "Not a Cough in a Carload"
Lorillard: "Start 'em Out Young"
Lorillard: KENT Cigarettes -- The Myth Behind the "Safer Cigarette"
Lorillard: KENT Cigarettes -- "Stop to think... and you'll start to smoke KENT"
Lorillard: Project to Increase (Augment) the Nicotine in Cigarettes
Lorillard: 1978 U.S. Cigarette Sales VS. Nicotine
Lorillard: The Concept of Less Hazardous Cigarettes (1978)
Lorillard: 1993 Ballot Issues Budget Summary
Lorillard: Creating Doubt About the Health Charge Without Actually Denying It (1972)
Lorillard: Fumoaphobia Syndrome: Countering Social Cost Arguments Associated with Smoking
British American Tobacco (BAT): Providing "Adequate Dose of Nicotine to Maintain the Smoking Habit"

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