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Political, Social and Health Effects of Tobacco and Second-Hand Smoke
Smoking Gun NEW -- Tobacco Users Are Smokin' Crack
NEW -- 82% of Smokers Want to Quit
Smokers Miss More Work Than

Cigarettes More Lethal Than Alcohol
Smoking Causes Unwanted Pregancies
Why People Smoke
Youth Smoking and Tobacco Use Trends
National Tobacco and Drug Use Trends
White House Releases National Tobacco Strategy
Smoking During Pregnancy and Criminal Outcomes
Smoking May Cause Breast Cancer
Dieting Helps Women Quit Smoking
Kids Who Smoke Risk Permanent Genetic Damage
USA Today Examines Why Smokers Can't Quit
Tobacco Companies Use of Poisons in Cigarettes
Elementary School Children Using Tobacco
Exercise Helps Smokers Quit
Tobacco Odor In Breast Milk Of Smokers
Smoking and Oral Contraceptives Tied To Heart Risks Immediate Health Care Saving if Pregnant Women Quit Smoking
Cigarette Smoking Linked To Miscarriages, Worse Than Crack Cocaine
Smokers Do Not Recognize Negative Health Effects Of Smoking
Smoking Does Not Prevent Weight Gain; and Smokers Who Quit Gain More Weight Than Nonsmokers 

Cathy Freeman and Sydney Olympics 2000 SmokeFree
Passive Smoking Perilous for Children
Facts About Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke
Second-Hand Smoke Increases Stroke Risk by 82%
Second-Hand Smoke Associated With Increased Risk Of Heart Disease
Smoking Ordinance Good for Tourism
Bartenders Breathe Easier In Smoke-Free Bars and Taverns
  1. When Bars Say 'No' To Smoking
  2. Health of Bartenders Improves Rapidly When Bars Become Smoke-free
  3. Journal of the American Medical Association Abstract - December 9, 1998
Secondhand Smoke One Of Worst Forms Of Indoor Air Pollution

Secret Internal Tobacco Industry Documents
Tobacco Industry Files on Consumers -- and Potential Consumers
Earn a Million U.S. Dollars
U.S. Federal Government Plans Massive Suit on Tobacco Industry
Brown & Williamson Violates Attorneys General MSA
Big Tobacco Threatens Drug Manufacturers
Big Tobacco Lobbyists in D.C.
RJ Reynolds International Affiliate Pleads Guilty to Smuggling

University of New Mexico Promotes Tobacco Products to Students
Local Walgreens Promotes Tobacco Products to Kids
Retailers Violate MSA -- AGAIN!
Easy For Minors to Buy Tobacco Products Over Internet
Convenience Store Prostitution In Neighborhoods
Tobacco and Cigarette Advertising Review
Retailers Continue To Sell Cigarettes To Minors
Wal-Mart To Retrain Employees After Sting Operation

Continued Tobacco Industry Conspiracy Exposed
Cold Turkey House -- Young Smokers Try to Quit for Money
Supreme Court Overrides FDA -- Condemns Tobacco Industry
Careless Smokers Endanger America
Smokers' Group Attacks McCain in South Carolina Ads
George W. Bush Soft on Tobacco
CDC's Best Practices for Tobacco Control
Few MDs Trained to Treat Deadliest Disease
Tobacco Industry Power and Influence in Florida from 1979 to 1999
Youth Coalition Asks Stores To Remove Tobacco Ads
Restaurant Smoking Bans Help Tourism
Billie Jean King Elected To Philip Morris Board
IRS Allows Deductions For Smoking Cessation
June 8th PBS Special: Political Money and the Tobacco Industry
Baseball Fights Its Tobacco Traditions
Cal Ripken Sr, Former Smoker Dies Of Lung Cancer
A Personal War Against Tobacco
Smoking Prevalent In Cartoon Films
Cigarettes Cause 25% of All Fires in U.S.
Tobacco and Alcohol Billboard Advertising

Nigerians Smoke 7 Million Cigarettes Daily
Russia Sues U.S. Tobacco Companies
China -- Last Frontier Opens to Tobacco Firms