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About is dedicated to resolving the worldwide epidemic that threatens millions of lives each year. This organization provides education and research services to officials, health policy specialists, educators and the general public throughout the world.

Our organization believes it is critical that tobacco users and nonsmokers establish responsible practices for adult smoking behavior. Therefore:
  • We do not advocate for the prohibition of smoking
  • We advocate for the rights of nonsmokers, particularly children
  • We advocate for dismantling the tobacco industry as it exists today
  • We advocate for a 100% ban on tobacco advertising
  • We advocate for increasing the legal age for tobacco use to 21 years
The record is clear that the tobacco industry obstructed the world's scientific understanding of the harmful effects to human health, including the addictive nature, of tobacco use, particularly smoking and second hand smoke. The industry furthered these deceptive and manipulaive practices to seduce consumers, increase their respective market shares for tobacco sales, and ultimately, increase their corporate profits.

For over fifty years, the tobacco industry conspired to deceive the public and manipulate public policy to protect their practices. Today, the tobacco industry uses their vast financial resources to propel (retain) political candidates into office who are willing to ignore the dangers of tobacco use, smoking and secondhand smoke. They sway public officials and persuade business leaders similarly with promises of financial returns. works to combat these practices by maintaining one of the most comprehensive archives of tobacco industry documents. We urge you to read these internal papers thoroughly. Truth allows us to create better social policies and practices for all people - and that is ultimately the purpose of freedom and democracy.

Smoking DataWe are aware that most smokers and some nonsmokers generally understand the risks that smoking and exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke present to humans. While overall smoking continues its gradual decline in the U.S., our children become addicted at alarming rates. Over 3,000 American teens become regular smokers each day. Nearly 80 percent begin smoking while they are under the legal age to smoke.

These young, and innocent, victims are ill-equipped to defend themselves against the sophisticated and subliminal marketing by tobacco companies. They are unaware, and unable to fully comprehend, the addictive grasp of nicotine. They are unable to protect themselves from dangerous and deadly toxins that come from second hand smoke.

Even today, only a minority of citizens understand the devastating impact to human health and society that stems from smoking and secondhand smoke. stands against these predators.

Organization is directed by Scott Goold.
President AnnMarie Goold
Teen Relations Felicia Chavez
College Activities Nicholas Bonney
Children at Risk Carlos Larribas
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