Weekly Alibi Shuns Their Community Responsibility To Protect Youth

The Weekly Alibi carries a lot of "adult content." This includes promotions for alcohol, tobacco, sexual advertisements and other adult entertainment. The Alibi pretends kids and teens do not see this material (they do). The image to the right shows the Alibi is available in many locations that kids and teens frequent. This is an unethical deception.

The image below comes from the Alibi's April 15-21, 1999 edition. Verified Audit Circulation, "the country's oldest and most respected auditing service," provided the demographic information. The Alibi claims "Our numbers add up." The age figures below sum to 100%. Where are the under 18 readers?

Reader's Ages

There are a number of popular segments with Albuquerque's youth. The Alibi provides comprehensive listings and reviews of latest movies and concerts. Real Astrology is popular with teens. There are a number of teen advertisements and annoucements. The images below come from a Dillards ad. This Albuquerque mall retailer offers "Junior sizes" for the "Class of 2000." They claim this is "the only way to start the new school year."

Dillards images
Weekly Alibi: Sept 2-8,1999
Location image
Weekly Alibi: May 13-19,1999

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