New Mexico
"It is estimated that 15% of all deaths in New Mexico each year are directly linked to tobacco use. In addition, smoking by pregnant women is a leading cause of low birth weight -- a significant factor in infant mortality, developmental disabilities, and huge medical costs." see New Mexico DOH

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NM Tobacco Documents Exposed: [January 31, 2002] Larry Barker, KOAT TV7 Investigative Reporter, airs special report featuring New Mexico tobacco industry documents. Barker reports how Scott Goold, director of InfoImagination, found evidence in industry's confidential and secret files of corruption at the highest levels of New Mexico politics. Manny Aragon, shown on floor of state legislature above, received an all-expense vacation to the 1991 Superbowl compliments of the Philip Morris tobacco company. The legislature was considering anti-tobacco legislation at the time.

The documents below reveal Philip Morris and Aragon attempted to hide this incident from the press and public. When questioned by Barker about the '91 incident, a Philip Morris representative acknowledged, "We made some rather foolish judgments. We are making every effort to be as open as we can today."


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