Adequate Dose of Nicotine

British American Tobacco Report: Providing Adequate Dose of Nicotine to Maintain the Smoking Habit

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ASSUMPTIONS: 1. Questions will continue about the toxicity of nicotine. 2. The attack on the "addictive nature" of smoking will increase. Nicotine will feature in this attack. 3. Maintenance of the smoking habit demands that smokers receive an "adequate" dose on nicotine. 4. How nicotine is "packaged" is a crucial element in brand design. IMPLICATIONS...
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BACKGROUND NOTE: This British American Tobacco Company (BAT) document was a Washington State Trial Exhibit. It states that smokers need an "adequate dose of nicotine" to maintain the smoking habit, and says BAT needs to devise "means of making smaller amounts of nicotine work harder."

We have seen this action, making smaller amounts of nicotine work harder, borne out in technologies developed by other tobacco companies, like Philip Morris' freebasing nicotine in Marlboro by adjusting the smoke pH, and RJR's addition of levulinic acid to their ultralight cigarettes (increases the binding capacity of nicotine in the brain).

This document is not available on-line that I know of. I got it off a CD ROM of Washington state trial exhibits. I've scanned it for you so you can have a copy of it. The CD provides no other information as to date, person who authored the document, etc. Contact Tac at Smokescreen for more information about the CDs.

Anne Landman
American Lung Association of Colorado, West Region Office
Grand Junction


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